Frequently Asked Questions 

How are you qualified to offer these services?
  • I have a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development from Brigham Young University - Idaho. After graduating I was personally chosen, trained  and certified by Dana Obleman B.A. (Psych.) B. Ed. (Elem.), the creator the of the Sleep Sense program. I participated an intensive three day program, with three months of mentorship. My methods are aligned with the best practices recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics. I believe that parents know what is best for their children and I am here to use my education and training to help parents meet the goals they have for their child's sleep needs. 
I feel like I have already read and tried everything out there. What makes hiring Nite Nite by Brooke different?
  • Hiring Nite Nite by Brooke is different than reading books or taking advice from friends, because I give clear, simple, easy to follow steps personalized by your child's specific needs, age, temperament and personality.  I am able to design a sleep program including your specific parenting style and parent-child relationship. 
How long will the process take? 
  • Every child is different, therefore each child will require a unique amount of time to adjust to the changes in his/her sleep schedule. The average amount of time that it takes a child to fully adjust to the new sleep process is about 2 to 4 weeks. Most clients see improvement in their child's sleep in the first 3-4 nights. 
Is this a cry it out method?
  • The “cry-it-out” method works like this:
    Step 1: Put child to bed.
    Step 2: Walk away.
    Step 3: Let child scream, cry, howl etc. until child is asleep. 
  • I will never ask a parent to leave their child alone to cry, if that is not something they are comfortable with. We are all very protective of our sleep habits. Making changes to the process of how someone falls asleep will likely result in some protest. Crying is how children communicate with us that they are uncomfortable or not pleased with the changes being made. I have not done the Cry-It-Out method with my child and I wouldn't ask you to do something that I haven't done myself. I will help design a sleeping plan for your child that will result in as little protesting as possible. Remember that once your child learns to fall asleep independently the protesting quickly subsides.
Can I Co-Sleep while Sleep Training? 
  • I don't believe that I can help a parent and child while co-sleeping. When families are ready to stop co-sleeping it is because the process is no longer working for the baby, the parents and even their marriage. That's where I come in. I am able to help families that were previously co-sleeping and are ready to transition their baby to a crib and their own room. 
I share a room with my child. Will hiring you work for me?
  • Yes. If you’re sharing a room with your child, a great strategy is to set up a partition or divider of some kind between you and your child for the first little while. (This can be as simple as hanging a sheet over a clothesline.)
Can I breastfeed while sleep training? 
  • Absolutely! I support breastfeeding and am a huge fan of the bonding process that takes place while breastfeeding. I don’t focus on how you feed your child…just that he’s getting enough to eat and at the right times of day while you’re teaching him to sleep.  A happy, healthy child is what is most important. I can also help mothers that want to continue to breastfeed during the day, but are ready to stop feeding their child during the night. 
Can my spouse help with bedtime and night wake-ups? 
  • I LOVE it when spouses are able to help with the bedtime routine! Dads are amazing at getting their children to sleep, especially with children who were previously breastfed to sleep. I highly encourage parents take turns doing the bedtime routine with their child. 
My child is no longer a baby. Will this program be appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers?
  • Yes, I have be certified to help children through the age of 6 years old. The good news about working with older children, is you can use incentives, reward charts and good communication. 
I have twins/triplets, will the a sleep training program work for me?
  • Yes, I have been trained extensively on working with multiplies. It’s a little more work (isn’t EVERYTHING when you have multiples?) but it’s 100% doable!
I live out of Southern California/USA, can we still work together?
  • Absolutely, I have served clients from all over the US and Canada. Instead of an in-person meeting, we are able to communicate over the phone, Face Time, Skype and email. 
Am I going to be able to do this? 
  • YES!!! I know that you can do this. I remember going through the process with my child and thinking that it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I can happily report that it has been a year and a half and she is still sleeping wonderfully (even asking to go to bed when tired). The best thing that I am able to offer you is my follow up support. This is where most success stories come from. I help with bumps in the road and encouragement through the tough nights. If we work together and follow a sleep plan personalized to your child, we will get the whole family sleeping better!

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