Happy Parents


Mother of a 2.5 year old 

"I'm so happy with our sleep program that Brooke came up with for us! I am able to do night time routine, kiss my son goodnight and tuck him in bed. Then within 5 minutes HE'S ASLEEP! This task normally took an hour to an hour & a half and also consisted of me laying in bed with him until he fell asleep!

Thank you again Brooke for all your help!!! We soooo greatly appreciate all your hard work!!!"


Mother of a 18 month old  

"Thank you !!! We couldn’t have done it without you, and I will sing your praises and recommend you to whoever I know who has a child with sleep issues. And I plan to use you in the future for our second child if needed!

Thank you so much for your help and advice... we seriously appreciate everything you’ve done and all the time you’ve taken to answer our questions!!"


Mother of a 20 month old 

"Brooke is a MIRACLE WORKER. After almost a month of multiple night wake ups and early mornings, my little guy is sleeping through the night and waking up when we want him to! Brooke listened to all my concerns and my son’s current sleep patterns and came up with a customized plan for us. Her suggestions were incredibly helpful and easy to follow. After only 3 nights I am happy to report that our sleep schedule is back on track and everyone (especially me 😂) is much happier and well rested."


Mother of a 10 month old 

"I went from having a 10 month old not sleeping through the night to getting a full night's sleep. The first few nights were rough for my momma heart but Brooke was there to help and give encouragement and help all through it. Now if my son wakes at night he can put himself back to sleep. Thank you Brooke for giving me my sleep back and for your help with naps and night time sleep!"


Mother of a 15 month old 

"Ellis is doing great and sleeping until 7-8 EVERY MORNING, with no nighttime wake ups! It has been amazing! Thanks so much Brooke! We really appreciate your advice, encouragement and support!"


Mother of a 2 year old 

"I just wanted to check in and let you know that we are once again singing your praises in our house! He has gone down without a peep and stayed sleeping through the night! This even includes the nights that Spence and I were out of town and he slept for my husband's parents. We are SO grateful!!!" 


Mother of an 8 month old 

"I am glad to tell you that it helped me and finally my son takes two 1hr long naps and one 45 minute long nap every day. I am so happy and thankful to you for helping me out with this. You saved my life!"


Mother of a 6 month old  

"YALL!!!!!!! I hired a sleep therapist for my second son. We went from wake ups every hour and a half, to him sleeping through the night in a WEEK!!!! If your kid has sleep issues, you, so NEED a consultation. It was seriously the best money I’ve ever spent. To this day (three years later) he is still the most amazing sleeper in my mommy group."


Mother of a 10 month old

“I must say that I was so happy with Brooke. My husband got into an accident the night we were supposed to begin sleep training. Brooke had no problems rescheduling and was amazing support. I was so thankful for her understanding, and she seemed to genuinely care about my husband’s well-being, as well as my son and myself.”


Mother of a 4 month old

"She is now a champ in her crib!"

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Pediatric Sleep Consultant 

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