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My name is Brooke Sorenson. While continuing my education after high school, I worked as a preschool teacher. My goal while working with children is to help foster the optimum development of children through researched based theories and developmentally appropriate practices. I graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho with my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and received Infant and Child CPR Certification. After extensive training with Sleep Sense founder, Dana Obleman, I have become a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. Combining my Child Development background and Sleep Sense education, I am able to offer a sleep program that benefits the child for optimum growth, development and sleep!

I first found Sleep Sense because of my sweet daughter. She was 5 months old and I was at my breaking point. My daughter was waking up every 2 hours throughout the night and I was utterly exhausted. I knew that something had to change. That is when I came across Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program. I began implementing it immediately. I could not believe the change that happened. The first night, my daughter slept for 9 hours straight. I was AMAZED. My daughter woke up a different child! She was happy, well rested, ready to learn and explore. I knew that I could help moms get the much needed rest that they deserve. I have always had a passion for advocating for children and families and this was the perfect fit for me!

I understand the struggles of sleep deprivation and trying to raise a family. I found the solution.

I want to help you feel the relief of a good night’s sleep and get your child sleeping through the night. So, if you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, there are a couple of different ways I can help: an individual consultation (in-person or over the telephone) or a group seminar. Both include a customized, step-by-step plan to solve your child’s sleep problems.

 I am happy to tell you that I CAN FIX THAT! Book a free 15 minute call with me here to chat with me today!

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Brooke Sorenson

Pediatric Sleep Consultant 

Laguna Niguel, CA

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